Tech Lead Journal Podcast Ep#72 - Managing SRE Toils Using AIOps and NoOps - Amrith Raj
· β˜• 2 min read
Podcast Talk Summary β€œIt is important to eliminate toil. If you don’t eliminate toil, you won’t have time to fix problems strategically, because strategic initiatives take precedence.” Amrith Raj is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dynatrace. In this episode, Amrith walked us through the evolution and current state of IT Operations (ITOps). He described how the ITOps role has developed over time and becoming increasingly more challenging with the increased level of infrastructure abstraction and complexity, especially in the current era of cloud and Platform-as-a-Service.

Understanding the precise risk of a vulnerability in an environment with AI
· β˜• 6 min read · πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Amrith
Finding vulnerabilities is always one side of the story. Risk assessments should always be based on environmental characteristics like where the impacted system is and what access the vulnerable system has. This blog will look at how the AI of Dynatrace accounts for the environmental characteristics for given vulnerabilities to rate the risk level accurately. This will help teams to prioritise where to start the remediation.