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Dropbox - The best syncing Cloud Storage

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When at home, how many times have you thought that you wanted access to a document you were editing in office? Are you among those who keep emailing attachments to yourself to preserve a copy online? Did you ever feel that you wished to have all those photos in your phone uploaded automatically and never worry about backing it up? Now, imagine the world where you use one simple folder which get automatically synchronized with all of your machines: office desktop, official laptop, personal laptop and even your mobile phone.

I just can’t stop appreciating the simple yet useful tool in the form of Cloud Storage - Dropbox. It ensures that the data which is important remains available on all of your machines across locations at all times. All that you’ve to do is copy the data you are interested in the Dropbox folder in your computer and whola! it gets uploaded to the Cloud and it’s synced to all the machines which belongs to you. So, when you get home, you don’t have to worry if you forgot to add some important lines to your document.

Of course, Microsoft’s skydrive gives 25GB of storage vs Dropbox’s Free 2Gb, but it isn’t Cloud storage in my opinion. It is just like FBI-sued-megaupload in your account. You have to continue to do the upload-download-upload of your files manually. So is with Amazon’s S3, not very impressive but useful for SMBs and not for general Public. Lets not even talk about EMC Atmos and we aren’t discussing Apple Products(iCloud).

I am quite sure that this is will be a very useful service if you are one who works on many devices a day and always wished to have those important files in all of your devices and equally synced. I can confidently say that after few years, this will replace the \fileserver\share , meaning NAS would be replaced by ‘shared-folder-storage’ officially called : Cloud Storage

Try Dropbox.

Disclaimer: The views published here are those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect his company’s views neither does he gets any benefit from the company owning the products mentioned.

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