I first learned about computers when I was in school. I learnt BASIC and there are commands that I have never forgotten. 10 REM I always wanted to work on computers and did not like the fact we had to purchase a Windows license to use a computer. Windows was expensive. Even today, MS won’t open source Windows operating systems that have become end of life. This is when I was attracted towards Linux especially Ubuntu. Canonical(the company that supports Ubuntu) would send install CDs for free to your home address. Cloud today as you know is available to you because of Linux being open source and therefore having open technology opens the door for rapid innovation.

I have always been fascinated on technology on how it can do good to human life. Some way or the other we are solving problems for us and for others around us using technology. Be it online shopping that helps people with mobility issues to get their groceries delivered at door step or seeing and hearing your loved ones who are separated thousands of miles away.

The universe is so huge and has suvived for billions of years. Our life compared to the universe or earth is of such small magnitude that we must try to make the best of it when we are alive. We are all very lucky to be alive and each and every moment is so precious. This is where I hope one day using technology we could over come humans biggest limitation - living forever, where our brains are secured in a datacenter and it gets connected to the world through our social media accounts and move around the world and universe through virtual reality. I am sure we will achieve in the next 100 years or so through technology.

We can always do better and that is what I believe in anything I do.